IOSHI cards were channeled through Clairvoyant Medium, Francine Milano and offered to you by her guide Ioshi who has been with her for several years. Ioshi has taken great care in giving you an effective oracle that will guide you for many years to come.

Reading Instructions

The online version of the IOSHI oracle is a three card spread. You can ask a question or let the oracle offer what you need to know about a particular issue. Center your mind for a moment and focus on a question or area of your life. Allow the clutter to dissipate, and then focus on a particular issue you want more insight about. From left to right, click on each card to reveal its knowledge. The first card speaks of the immediate past and perhaps even what lead to the current situation. The second card reveals the current circumstance and what you should consider about it, and the third card addresses the future about the situation or its outcome.

It is advised that you don't do too many readings in a row. It will only cloud your results and confuse you. Accept what is given or seek one more reading for validation.

Below the cards, you will find information on how to order your own deck with 14 bonus cards and the advantages to having your own cards.

Start your IOSHI reading now - click on each card to reveal its knowledge.

The physical IOSHI Deck is currently out of print.

Ioshi Cards

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